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Hello Peeps, and welcome to my website!

My name is Erica and I reside in Queensland, Australia. I’m a computer geek, crazy dog lady, mad PC gamer and I collect NECA Predators.

I like to play a wide range of FPS and TPS games. But currently I can’t stop playing WWZ.

I have been in the IT Industry for over thirty years, and owned my own computer business up until a couple of years ago after becoming ill, and being diagnosed with chronic illnesses.

I love helping people with their IT issues, being creative in Photoshop and of course PC gaming.

In the past I have also enjoyed building and flying R/C aircraft. Plus I use to competitively race R/C cars as well.

Should you have any questions? You can reach me via my contact page.

As always, take care, stay safe and have a great day!

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