Latest Updates


Welcome to my updates page. Here you will find all the past and present updates I have added to my website.
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09 – SEP, 2023 Stream Deck Icon Manager added to the Stream Deck page.
09 – SEP, 2023Stream Deck Button Designer added to the Stream Deck page.
05 – SEP, 2023Website finally launched. Still alot to be done as time permits.
05 – SEP, 2023Myinstants added to the links menu.
16 – May, 2023Sound Alerts added to the goodies menu.
16 – Apr, 2023WWZ support video’s added to the games menu.
16 – Apr, 2023KartRider: Drift added to the free games page.
05 – Jan, 2023Guides page updated with new articles.

Last Updated on 9 September 2023 by cybagirl